Jordan Glick

Founder & Partner (He/Him)

Jordan is a seasoned litigator. Over the last 17 years, he has become one of the leaders of the bar in professional and industry regulation, acting for regulators, professionals, and licensed businesses. He has acted for 16 separate professional regulators and licensing bodies in areas as diverse as health, education, engineering, law, immigration, liquor licensing and the retirement homes industry on various mandates. He applies his knowledge gained from working with regulators to assist professionals and licensed businesses facing regulatory challenges.


Lisa Feinberg

Lawyer (she/her)

Key Contact: Employment Law & Human Rights

Lisa is a dedicated advocate and trusted advisor, with over a decade of litigation experience. She assists regulators, professionals, and licensed businesses to resolve legal issues. Lisa has the unique ability to view a dispute from every vantage point, having acted as prosecutor, defence counsel, and adjudicator.


Jordan Stone

Partner (he/him)

Jordan is a partner at GlickLaw with a practice focused on professional regulation and discipline. Jordan helps regulators, professionals, and licensed businesses solve legal problems, navigate investigations, and litigate regulatory disputes.


Karen Heath

Lawyer (she/her)

Karen is a creative and compassionate advocate, and an experienced litigator whose practice focuses on professional regulation, human rights, constitutional and criminal law. She thrives on solving complex legal problems and draws on her experience of being on both sides of legal disputes, as prosecutor and as defence counsel.


Sarah O’Neill

Lawyer (She/Her)

Sarah is a passionate and skillful advocate who focuses on delivering the best possible results for her clients. She is known for her personable and practical approach to resolving regulatory challenges and legal disputes.


Christine Le Dressay

Office Manager & Law Clerk (she/her)

Christine graduated at the top of her class from the paralegal program at Durham College in 2008 and is a paralegal member of the Law Society of Ontario. She has been certified as a law clerk by the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario. For the last 15 years, Christine has supported lawyers in both criminal defence and professional regulatory practices. She is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients, both as a Law Clerk and as our Office Manager.


Amanda Fernandez

Law Clerk (she/her)

Amanda graduated with honours from Durham College’s Advanced Diploma Program in 2011. With fifteen years of diverse legal expertise in areas like civil litigation, criminal, and regulatory law, her passion and exceptional skills enable her to effectively support our legal team in professional disciplinary matters before regulatory colleges, tribunals, and courts.


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