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As a boutique firm of professional discipline lawyers, GlickLaw specializes in strategic advice and advocacy for dental professionals in regulatory proceedings.

As trusted dental attorneys, we assist dentists facing complaints, discipline hearings, and other regulatory issues at the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO). We are experienced in representing dentists facing complaints or allegations of professional misconduct before the RCDSO. Having acted for years as external legal counsel and prosecutor to numerous health colleges, we have significant experience and knowledge of the law governing dentistry in Ontario.

Draw on our knowledge and expertise to respond to complaints and investigations, defend yourself against allegations of professional misconduct, or deal with any other issue you may be facing with the RCDSO.

We Can Assist And Act For Dental Professionals On A Wide Range Of Matters, Including:

  • Responding to complaints and investigations at the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (“ICRC”);
  • Representing dentists in hearings before the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario Discipline Committee or Fitness to Practice Committee;
  • Appealing decisions of the ICRC to the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (“HPARB”);
  • Representing dentists in hearings and reviews of Registration Committee decisions before HPARB;
  • Appealing decisions of HPARB, the Discipline Committee or the Fitness to Practice Committee to the Divisional Court;
  • Assisting dentists in applications for registration and in making written submissions to the Registration Committee;
  • Assisting dentists with audits and quality assurance programs;
  • Assisting dentists with workplace issues, including accommodation requests, discrimination claims, other human rights issues, employment contracts and policies, severance packages, wrongful dismissal claims, and workplace investigations;
  • Advising dentists on compliance with the Regulated Health Professions Act, Dentistry Act, and other relevant legislation and regulations; and
  • Advising dentists on professional practice issues, such as record-keeping, dental malpractice, privacy and confidentiality, billing and insurance, and reporting.

Choose GlickLaw as Your Dental Lawyer in Toronto

GlickLaw provides trusted counsel as dental lawyers in Toronto and across Ontario.

We defend dental professionals from malpractice and misconduct claims brought to the RCDSO. We assist in investigations and advocate for our clients before the RCDSO and the courts. Our team of RCDSO attorneys is committed to defending your practice and reputation and resolving claims swiftly and professionally.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Lawyers

A dental lawyer is a licensed attorney representing dentists against claims or complaints against their practice before the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO). Dental malpractice lawyers can offer counsel and advice to defend their clients in investigations or disciplinary hearings before the RCDSO.

A dental lawyer can advocate for and advise dentists facing various complaints and investigations before the RCDSO, including:


Malpractice Complaints

Dental malpractice complaints may be made by a patient who feels they have not received proper treatment, including a misdiagnosis, anesthesia complications, or injuries sustained due to a dental procedure. Complaints of this nature can lead to investigations into a dentist’s competence. Dental malpractice attorneys can help their clients resolve these claims and work to protect their business and reputation.


Professional Misconduct

Failing to maintain a standard of practice, providing unnecessary dental services, or patient abuse of any kind are all grounds for a professional misconduct complaint.


Privacy Breaches

Patient information must be kept confidential and private. If patients feel their privacy has been breached, they file a complaint against their dentist.

Navigating investigations with the RCDSO can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process — one that you don’t need to navigate independently. An experienced dental malpractice lawyer can help you understand why you’ve received a complaint and navigate the complaints process efficiently and professionally. A dental malpractice attorney will be by your side throughout the process to ensure your rights are upheld.

A dental employment lawyer advises dentists on employment law matters. Dental employment lawyers can advocate for dentists who have been wrongfully dismissed from their positions or assist dentists in terminating the employment of staff. A dental employment lawyer can also assist dentists in reviewing and drafting employment contracts and policies to practice their clinic from employment law issues.

The RCDSO stands for the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario. The RCDSO is responsible for regulating the dentistry profession in Ontario in the public interest. The RCDSO sets the standards of practice and guidelines for dental professionals. As part of its public protection mandate, the RCDSO considers and investigates complaints from the public against dentists. Where complaints or investigations reveal serious concerns, such as dental malpractice, the RCDSO may initiate disciplinary proceedings against a dentist.

When a dentist receives notice of a complaint from the RCDSO, they will be given a copy of the complaint and provided 30 days to provide written submissions to the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee. A dentist’s written response to a complaint is very important – it is your opportunity to respond to the allegations against you. A dentist lawyer can assist by ensuring that a dentist’s written submissions are fulsome and address all necessary areas.

Information about dentists is available to the public on the public register, including their name, business address, date of registration, and relevant details pertaining to current regulatory issues.


In recent years, regulatory findings have become more transparent. For instance, if a dental malpractice complaint or investigation before the ICRC results in a caution or educational course, this will be posted on the public register. Dentists should always take complaints and investigations seriously, as the results may become visible online.

The ICRC — Inquiries, Complaints, and Reports Committee — is responsible for investigating reports and complaints regarding the professional conduct of dentists in Ontario. The committee conducts an investigation to make decisions about complaints within a designated time frame. Certain cases before the ICRC will be dismissed without action, while others may require a written or verbal warning or a dentist to undergo a remedial education program. Severe cases will be referred to the Discipline Committee for a hearing.

If a complaint is submitted to the ICRC, the committee will consider the complaint, the dentist’s response, and the results of any investigation performed. In many cases, the dentist may be asked to submit an initial response to the complaint and a supplementary response to the results of further investigation. Once the investigation is complete, the ICRC may:

  • Provide advice or recommendations to the dentist
  • Order the dentist to take educational or remedial courses
  • Issue a caution against the dentist
  • Refer allegations of misconduct against the dentist to the Discipline Committee

A dental complaint lawyer can guide you through the complaints process.

The Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (HPARB) is an independent adjudicative agency responsible for reviewing decisions made by the ICRC of the RCDSO and other health colleges. HPARB also holds review hearings where applicants for a dental licence are not granted a certificate of registration by the RCDSO’s registration committee or are granted a certificate of registration with terms, conditions, or limitations.

If the ICRC makes a decision, dentists can file an application for an appeal to the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (HPARB). The appeal must be filed within 30 days. Once the appeal has been submitted, the RCDSO will provide the HPARB and the dentist with the documents considered by the ICRC.


The HPARB will take into account the sufficiency of the investigation and whether the committee’s decision was fair and reasonable. Your dental lawyer can make a submission on your behalf about both issues.


The HPARB will make their final decision based on their review — they can either confirm the committee’s decision, refer the matter back to the ICRC with specific recommendations to the committee, or require the ICRC to take certain actions. Your dental HPARB lawyer will help you navigate the HPARB process.

GlickLaw specializes in professional regulation and workplace law across a wide range of industries. We have significant experience assisting dentists with regulatory issues before the RCDSO, including dental malpractice and professional misconduct. We have also acted as prosecutors for various health colleges governed by the same legislation as the RCDSO and have significant knowledge in this area of law.


We understand the importance of protecting your practice and reputation. Our team of experienced dentist lawyers works tirelessly to help our clients navigate the RCDSO claims process.


With over 40 years of cumulative experience in investigations and litigation, our dental malpractice attorneys offer unique insights into disputes and regulatory issues to dentists across Ontario so they can continue to serve their communities.


We welcome confidential inquiries through our website and are ready to provide the legal counsel you deserve.

The cost of hiring a dentist lawyer or dental employment lawyer will vary depending on the scope of the claim and the length of time required to resolve the legal issue. Please contact GlickLaw to discuss our rates and how we might be able to assist.

If you’re facing a dental malpractice complaint in Toronto, trust the dentist lawyers at GlickLaw to help you navigate the legal process. We help dentists navigate the complexities of RCDSO investigations, prepare responses, and protect their professional livelihood.


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